Average height of nfl slot receiver

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NFL.com analysis: Wide receiver with good size, average tape, a strong showing at the Senior Bowl and a special teams pedigree. McLaurin is faster than quick, but he's a detailed route runner who ... More on Average Wide Receiver Height: Analyzing Draft History Yesterday, I noted that the average height of all wide receivers — weighted by receiving yards — declined steadily during the ’80s, and then reverted by steadily rising during the 1990s. There is no natural way to measure something like “wide receiver height” because it involves taking an ... NFL Combine 2014: Weigh-in results for wide receivers ... NFL Combine 2014: Weigh-in results for wide receivers New, 1 comment The wide receivers were among those getting measured up at the scouting combine on Friday, and we've got the details.

The slot receiver position in the NFL has changed. In the past, the traditional slot receiver was smaller, quicker and ran shorter routes. Today, some of the best receivers in the NFL run a high ...

Jun 21, 2013 · (Although he racked up 1,312 yards from scrimmage in 2011 and was off to a fantastic start last year.) Harvin is much more than just a slot receiver, which partly is why he ranks No. 1. Tight end - Wikipedia The tight end (TE) is a position in American football, arena football, and formerly Canadian football, on the offense.The tight end is often seen as a hybrid position with the characteristics and roles of both an offensive lineman and a wide receiver.Like offensive linemen, they are usually lined up on the offensive line and are large enough to be effective blockers. Slot receivers are more important to NFL offenses than

Unlike running backs, weight and height are correlated to wide receiver and tight end production, because height expands the player’s catch radius. HaSS layers height into the traditional speed score equation by also dividing the player’s …

He played college football at Arizona. Julian Edelman - Wikipedia

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What is the average height of NFL wide receivers? I just calculated the average height for WRs drafted in 2008Some smallerreceivers like Wes Welker are relied upon for bi…g completions fromthe slot.Wes Welker who is the best slot receiver in the nfl on the patriots wes welker (patriots), drew...