Design of reconfigurable slot antennas

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2 ANTENNA DESIGN. A Microstip patch of size 8Χ9 that resonates at 11 GHz has been chosen. The Patch was loaded with a U shaped slot of total lengthSimulation and measured results show that the proposed design can be used to design Multi Band Reconfigurable Antennas,with proper slot...

Wideband Rec f | Antenna (Radio) | Electromagnetism Wideband Rec f - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Wideband and Multi-Polarization Reconfigurable Crossed Bowtie Dipole Antenna Dual-Band Antennas Research Papers - View Dual-Band Antennas Research Papers on for free.

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Abstract This lecture explores the emerging area of reconfigurable antennas from ... (2016) U-Shape Slot Antenna Design with High-Strength Ni54Ti46 Alloy. Polarization Reconfigurable Slot Antenna With a Novel Compact CPW ... antenna consists of a square slot, a reconfigurable CPW-to-slotline transition, and two p-i-n diodes ... In order to design a compact single-feed structure for polar-. Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch – Slot Antenna Array - SlideShare


Reconfigurable Wide Bandwidth Using Novel Extraction ... The entire approach is folded into four different designs. The first design proposes a monopole antenna where asymmetric flower type corners and mushroom shape encloses by T-slot is cut on the patch. This new shaped antenna covers wide impedance bandwidth of about 14.5 GHz within range from 21.5 to 36 GHz.


Cpw fed t-stub and u-slot reconfigurable antenna for A compact reconfigurable antenna for Wi-Fi and WLAN communication applications is presented in this work.A combination of T-stub and U- slots with switching of diodes providing reconfigurability in the design. PIER C Online - Design of Reconfigurable Patch Antenna… This antenna is designed for special applictions which need small frequency ratio. The different effects of the feeding position, the slot location, and the slot length areCitation: T. Al-Maznaee and H. E. Abd-El-Raouf, "Design of Reconfigurable Patch Antenna with a Switchable V-Slot," Progress In... Design of A Multiband Pattern Reconfigurable Antenna